Thursday, May 24, 2012


In the mailbox yesterday
I found an envelope from my Mom.
'It's not my birthday' I thought to myself,
'What could this be?'
Well, It was just a little note with two pictures in it.
"I was looking at some old photos the other day &
ran across these two...You wanted pictures of your bike some time back
& that's what these are - important parts of you are cut off!
...Love, Mom"
Frankly I love the lack of composition - that was SO my grandma.
And check out the stamp my Mom used -
I had not seen these, I love them!!
In this simple gesture I had a rush of emotions.
First - it is really GREAT having a Mom, 
who else does stuff like this for you?
Second - my grandmother had taken these photos
and her handwriting was on the back.  
I am sad that I never got to know my grandmother
as an adult.
Third - memories are so nice sometimes.
Fourth - I am a child of the 70s and I'm really digging it,
pants and all...

I was given this bicycle in 1978 
(I know that because my grandma wrote that on the back of the picture)
for my 7th birthday.
I remember it being one of the biggest days of my life thus far ~
my very first bike that was ALL mine.
This bike and I had a lot of fun together,
and it was the foundation for all of my bikish ways
from that point forward.

Funny how such a simple gesture,
can really make a gals day.