Saturday, June 2, 2012


I have been to my fare share of cheesy Scandinavian Festivals,
And I am a recovering Museum Professional,
so I have lived many a day inside an Art Museum.
It takes a lot to impress me on either front.
So it was with slight reluctance
that I found myself 
on a cold February day a few years ago
looking for something new
something special
something to take me away.
I fell in love instantly.
Ever since my first visit,
the ASI has been a respite for me.
This little place is like the engine that could.
Their programming is top notch,
Their museum shop full of all sorts of well chosen goodies,
Their Kakelugnar have left an impression on me that I know
will play into an idea I have for the future,
The grounds are like stepping onto an island,
and the New Wing a perfect compliment to the Mansion.

Yesterday I stopped by the ASI during my lunch hour
to pick up a few gifts, and goodies for myself.
An hour later it was as if I had flown off to the island.
Excitement is brewing as construction crews put on the finishing touches
I was excited to see the new bike racks were already
prominently installed!
And I loved that as I was walking out the door
two older gentlemen were having a full-on conversation in Swedish
and as I turned the corner the workers transported me back
to my West Coast days as I heard conversations in Spanish.
In so many ways, 
I was home.

Happy Saturday Everyone!
My bike awaits me...
May your day be a good one!