Wednesday, May 16, 2012

island time...

Another long day at the office,
too little time or energy to get out on a lycra ride.
But I needed some zen time,
some bicycle time,
some me time.

It had been awhile,
a long while,
but what I needed
was to hop on the Pash
and feel like I was
on my Summer Island.
Just a short trip to the home store,
can do a girl a world of wonders.
A beautiful Spring night,
Sunshine on my face,
wheels slowly turning,
A quick mental vacation
and I am good again.

Things have changed since my last trip like this.
The most obvious of which is the road I take
is now a Bicycle Boulevard
with wayfinding signs!
The less obvious
is that I am in a much different space
But the one thing that hasn't changed,
is that I am still working hard
to find happiness
the everyday...