Sunday, May 6, 2012

health and happiness...

I have been taking some time to take care for myself.
When you are 41,
you shouldn't mess around.
Take care of who you are 


Though we are lucky enough to have a nice little home,
we are not really home people ~ we are condo people.
We aren't mow your lawn every Saturday 
and keep it as green as you can people.
We lived in Colorado and California,
we are Xeriscape people.
And above all,
we are Bicycle People.
If the sun is out,
so are we.
So the yard suffers.

I have taken two steps this Summer
to alleviate the guilt of not being yard people.
The first of which is snag the boys mowing the lawn across the street from me,
and asking them to mow our yard this Summer.

With the extra time this gave me back of my life today I...
took a nap
went for a MUCH needed quiet Sunday afternoon bicycle ride
bought fun birthday gifts for my nieces at the ASI
finally saw the Joseph Frank show at the ASI
and stopped at the home store to pick up some items for some home projects.
In short, 
asking these really nice boys to mow our lawn,
is much more than about having the lawn mowed,
it is about 
taking care of me
taking care of us.

At 41 I have realized taking care of me
is becoming more and more important.
The yard is only the visual personification
of taking the first steps.
Some day I will not have a yard,
but while I do I will be a steward
in a way that works for me.
I will not be a slave to my home
and suffer my happiness
nor my health.

Thank you yard boys,
the burden has lifted
and the health and happiness
will blossom.