Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So, Christmas is over
and I am feeling a bit
I really shouldn't complain,

I mean look at the loves of my life up there!
Who can complain when this is your reality?!!

I always dislike Christmas a bit.

Family drama I try to avoid,
and then the guilt for avoiding.
I always feel a bit relieved when it is all over,
ready to move on to longer days

and Summer.

I really shouldn't complain,

I mean look at the weather we have been having!
50+ degrees and Sunny the day after Christmas?
Why...I feel so NorCal...

and YOU KNOW that makes this gal so happy.
So Happy.

I really shouldn't complain,
I have two great adventures planned in the next two months,

and a work trip is brewing to return to my hyggelig.

I have a lot to be excited about.

But then that winter melancholy sets in...

We used to be all about adventuring,

now it seems more like we have been forced
to be about maintaining.
In a nutshell, it sucks.
I can take all that damn vitamin d,
throw that sunlamp on in the morning,
think positive thoughts,
plan trips,

but at the end of the day some days,

it just plain sucks.
There, I said it.

Now, on to being less harumphy...

Time to lose the winter weight,
get that head screwed back on tight,

and start figuring it out.
At 40.5, that clock waits for no one...

I am not sure where my hyggelig is headed in 2012.
I have been here for 5 years,
in fact this is post #681.
Typically at this time I take a hiatus,
to focus on life outside of the computer box.
I think I will continue that trend this year.
Right now I have no friday hyggelig's lined up,
no guest posts,
I need to refocus.

I've got something pretty exciting planned for myself in January.
Something to teach me new things, take me out of my comfort zone,
to meet new people, to be independent.
I plan to be back here to talk about either how it completely inspired me or
how it completely deflated me. Likely the first...

Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me despite my divergent posts on biking, sewing, biking, family, biking, gardening, biking, art, biking... I may not have a singular focus, be controverisal, like to debate, or a professional bent, but the fact I have been here so long says something about this space. When I discuss quitting blogging with H, he so kindly always asks why I would want to and extolls all the great things about blogging. That's from a man who only tweets. Recognizing what makes us who we are, focusing on what is important, sharing that with others ~ that's what it is all about.

And thank you also to you newbies to my hyggelig. I see you out there, and I appreciate your visits. May you find something in this space in 2012.

For now,
I am officially ON HIATUS...
see you back here in 2012..