Wednesday, February 1, 2012

happy 5th blogiversary my hyggelig!...

Happy February Everyone!
Boy does it feel GOOD to say that.
Breathe, and release...

And Happy Blogiversary to myself!
Five years ago today, I sat down at my computer and started my hyggelig.
Blogosphere years, I think, have something on dog years,
it is quite a milestone.

There is something to this blogging thing.
A lot of little somethings...  

I believe that everything in the past, has a thread that connects it to the future.  
The journey may not be clear at the time, 
but when you stop and look back at your path 
you can see how each destination along the way 
has lead you to where you are today.

5 years.  Wow.

Blogging is a weird thing.  
I sit here and type up thoughts 
that I then broadcast for anyone to see.  
A very private person, 
this is more than a strange thing for me to be doing.  
But it has taken me on an interesting journey, 
taught me new things, 
and lead to some interesting destinations.

I have seriously thought about closing down my hyggelig a few times, 
recently more than ever.  
But, along my journey I keep pulling that thread, knowing not what will be connected.

I feel like the proverbial line in the sand has been drawn,
and I have decided to cross it.

I will keep this little blog o'mine rolling for a spell and see where I can take it.

Soon you will start to notice some subtle changes here and there.
Better definition, hopefully improved images and graphics, a general cleaning 'house'.
I hope that you continue to find in this space what keeps me coming back ~
connecting to, and finding happiness in,
the everyday.

Cheers to 5 hyggelig years!