Monday, November 30, 2009

beauty within...

Winter Prep Installment 6

Winter can try the best of folks,
it really tries me.

I do not need a change in seasons
to make me happy,
I need SUN,
I need warmth,
I need fresh air,
I need to be outside.
All things a bit difficult to obtain
in the depth of Winter in Minnesota.
After 15 years in sunny climates,
I have to admit,
living in Minnesota is hard for me.
And I'm not kidding around,
I have officially been tested
for low Vitamin D.
Last year I tried the little gold rays of sun,
but it was not enough.

I refuse to let those grey days get the best of me,
instead, I want them to bring out the best in me...

This year I've ramped it up.

For mornings....

A little ray of blue sunshine
with my coffee
and blogging...

and for afternoons...

A little ray of brown sunshine
while hanging
with my boys.

I had hoped to hold off on the double caffination until 40,
but I gave in a wee bit early.
Luckily, I love coffee and all processes involved with making
and drinking it.

All this and a little exercise (more on that to come)...

Finding ways to make myself alert, happier, and more pleasant to be around is not giving in
~ it is improving my quality of life
and helping me find those rays from within.
And in a way,
I welcome the challenge...