Thursday, December 1, 2011

get personal...

I have finally made my baby gift
that I should have sent in July.
I'm not one to buy off-the shelf items,
so unfortunately I get to it when I get to it.

These Lotta bags are super easy to make
and are
great flexible gifts for both baby and mamma.
The last one went to NorCal,
this one Oregon.
Cranking out a sewing project is always gratifying,

sending it on to someone I care for,
even more so...

And speaking of Lotta,
my local store for all things crafty
just got in the new Lotta fabrics.
I took a lovely evening stroll the other night
just to check this new line out.
Now I need to quickly think of a project

before they all fly out the door!

Oh, and speaking of crafty...
It's been a few years,

but I'm headed back to No Coast this weekend.
If you are in the area,
you should definitely check it out.
This year please think about
feeding directly into someone's small business pocket,
rather than someone's corporate bottom line.