Monday, November 28, 2011

dear little one...

photo credit: Camilla Engman
Image located here

In internet land

you feel like you get to 'know' people,

or in some cases
furry friends...

One of those bright spots in my day
s the last few years,
Morran, a dog from Sweden whose adventures knew no bounds,
has sadly passed on.

Thank you Camilla for sharing Morran.
Thank you Morran for, well, being you!

There is nothing like a furry friend.

In the last few months Camilla
has been putting together an amazing book
with the help of some very talented people.

I hope when Camilla is ready to finish this project,
you will show your support.

Great submissions can be seen on
Studio Morran.

From our past and present...

our hearts go out.

Rest in peace dear little one...

Camilla has a great Morran set on flickr.