Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thank You Stellar November...

Trek, Minneapolis, & Me

I am really thankful
for having a few nice long days off.


the stellar November weather this year.

Holiday rides are always the best,




Holiday rides over Thanksgiving?!

Now those can never be beat.

when you live in Minnesota,

and this time last year
had already set in,
and hard...

I needed this time.

Each ride makes me feel better


and mentally.

The only bummer is that we had one snow

and of course it became ice and required

lots of sand and salt that is still on the trails.

I found myself riding on the margins to stay out of the

wet and sand for most of my rides this long weekend.

Luckily as I turned to head home there was this nice stretch

of sand-free and sun-filled bliss.

Trek will probably be staying inside now,

and out of the salt and sand.


it was fun while it lasted...

This was an accidental picture I took.
I rather like it.