Monday, July 11, 2011

elements of a successful staycation...

Kick it off with a Happy Hour someplace new.

Ride your bicycles together as much as possible.

Spend every waking hour outside.

Take your pup on adventures.

Then send your pup to daycare

and enjoy a day on the water together.

Visit new places on your motorcycle.

Enjoy watching the Tour. Take yourselves out for a good dinner.

Catch up on reading and inspiration.

Soak in every single bit of SUMMER.

Relax, relax, relax...

Thank you for traveling with me last week.

I hope you enjoyed the European tour

as much as I enjoyed
reminiscing and putting it together.
As you can see, we have enjoyed our times abroad.

So many memories, so many good times.

But life has changed a lot for us in the last five years.

Life is different.
Very different.
We could chose to let the difference drag us down,

but for our staycation we chose to embrace what we have,

not only at our fingertips,

but what we have learned in our minds and hearts.

In essence,
this staycation for me
was the culmination

of five challenging years in Minneapolis

and learning to be happy
where I am
with what I have
in my everyday.

The girl that moved here,

could not have been the girl
that enjoyed a staycation
in Minnesota.

Perhaps a bit of maturity,

but definitely a lot
of working on happiness.

We were lucky to have the best streak of Summer weather
Minnesota has provided in over a year.
Warmth every day.
Thank goodness for Sunshine and warmth,
it does a mind and body good.
It truly was a Summer vacation.

We needed this time,
and we very much enjoyed it
and spending time together.
Would I want to do it all the time?
I want to go back to Europe.
I want to explore new places.
I want to someday be closer to the people we were and want to be
than the people we have been forced to become.
But, despite all the challenges,
life is good, we have learned a lot, and we know what makes happiness.
For this year,
the staycation was just what we needed.
We now move forward into the future
and we continue
to work hard to enjoy the now...