Thursday, July 14, 2011

click, click, click...phhhhhh...

It's always a rough road after returning from vacation.
But usually more figuratively than literally.

Last night I needed to hop on my bicycle

for some meditative me time.

17 minutes into the ride

I hear a strange metal clicking sound.

I hop off, check the front wheel.

Can't figure it out.

I go again.

Click, click, click.

I continue this routine a few times.

Then I switch to the back wheel.

Finally I completely pull off the road



flat tire.


I pulled myself over to a grassy area

and proceeded to find a staple

well entrenched in my tire.

I pop it out in disgust

and proceed to change my tire.

15 minutes later,

I head off to finish my ride

and enjoy the beautiful night.

I have had a flat tire on my bicycle twice,
almost exactly a year apart.

Both times the rear tire.

Having a flat on a rear tire can scare the dickens out of a person,

there is a lot going on back there to contend with in getting your tire on and off.

But don't fear!

My advice?

Know how to change your tires.

Practice, practice, practice.

Have someone show you how to do it and practice at home a few times.

Be sure that tube is not snagged on the side by your tire - keep it clear.

Having the right tools is invaluable:
Tire Levers (2-3),
A Spare Tube,
A Pump.

Being able to change my own tires on my own bicycle

gives me the greatest sense of



Self Sufficiency.

It is a great feeling.

And better yet,

I can continue my ride,
treat my body right after sitting all day,
and clear my mind,
instead of limping home defeated.

Do you live in fear of a flat or are you the master of your flats?
What are your flat stories?