Friday, July 15, 2011

Denver shout out's +...

bike share at the Taxi Lofts,
one of our property scouting stops in March.

We lived in Denver for many years.
It has changed A LOT since we left.
We rode our bicycles often there,
as we have everywhere we have lived.
And on occassion I commuted to work,
as I have done everywhere we have lived.
I never found the options terribly grand,
but they were not bad.
When we were back in Denver in March
deciding about major life changes,
we were impressed with the bicycle improvements that have come about
in the years since we left,
but felt Denver still has a long way to go
to get close to Minneapolis.
However, with each day, new and exciting things are happening
in a lovely city with lovely weather~
the good foundations of a bicycle friendly city
for us more fickle design and weather-minded folk.

A good friend of H's is taking the leap into the bicycle lane,
living in a way, our dream,
and opening a shop that can you believe it?...
Sells the kind of bicycles I once only dreamed of
being available in the US!
They sell Pashley's for goodness sake!
I held on to my Pashley for the very reason I might be spending more time in Denver.
Denver is a great city for such a bicycle.
The Denver part didn't happen, but the Pashley is still here waiting for me.

So Denver,
get your bicycle over to
The Mindful Bike tomorrow for the grand opening,
support simple bicycles for everyday use.

It is an exciting day indeed!

Congratulations Jason!
Next time we are in town, you know where we will be...

H is always a good hyggspotter for me,
yesterday he came upon another Denver spot,

Urbanistic Tea and Bike.
Check it out.

Sounds like y'all in Denver could really make a weekend of it!

Photograph: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images
Look, Thor had a flat this week too!

And I talk so much about this guy,
I think he deserves his own tag.
H is aware of my fondness for ALL things Scandinavian, so hyggspots in this realm for me too...
My boy Thor had a glorious first week at the Tour.
We really suffer from our lack of cable tv this time of year,
A week from today is really the
coup de grâce

If you are in Minneapolis, live coverage can be found here.

Photo: © Bettini

*Update: THOR's the Man!!

And lastly,
H's mates are over at the Capital tomorrow.
Come on over and support cycling in Minnesota,
and celebrate the end of the shutdown!

Happy Friday Everyone!

It's been a busy week.
8 more hours...

Looking forward to the weekend,

98 degrees and all (savor, savor, savor!).

Enjoy and ride safe!