Saturday, April 9, 2011

THE moment...

We were at one of the bicycle shops we frequent
last night picking up some spare tubes for our rides today

and right when I walked in the door,


This really was THE moment

I had started dreaming about back in 2007

and I was giddy with excitement

that the time had finally arrived.

What is this moment?

The moment when an average American

can enter a mainstream suburban bicycle store

and purchase a beautiful affordable quality bicycle.

Back when I began looking for my dream Dutch-style bicycle,

I could only hope that SOMEDAY America would stop selling

only mountain and hybrid bicycles to people, especially women.

I dreamed of an America where people,

not avid cyclists,


would be able to buy a bicycle they would want to ride

around their neighborhoods

in their everyday clothes.
I could not find this bicycle then.

Yes, other bicycles have been coming on the market,

I saw the first real surge last Spring.

But THIS, this is THE moment where it all works.

The Globe Daily truly has the look.

And not only does it have the look,

it has what I asked for - an aluminum frame.

I have always said in my quest for beautiful bicycles for all,

that if only we could have Dutch-style bicycles, but lighter.

Many companies have been working towards this,

the Gary Fisher Simple City comes to mind,

but in my opinion this is the first successful bicycle

to meet the utopian vision of America I had dreamed of.

Is there room for improvement? Yes.

The bicycle is still fairly heavy.

I picked it up and it is lighter than Pash,

but still heavy.

One could argue for the Public,

but that is not what I am talking about here.

I am talking about that this is THE moment

where an ordinary American
can walk into an ordinary bicycle store

and have a choice.

Long may it last


Long may THE moment get better!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

At long long last,

I am off for a ride...