Thursday, October 21, 2010


Two big things have happened this week.

1. I officially rolled 1500 miles on the Trek

2. I discovered Public has officially introduced
their Dutch-Style bicycle.

In regard to the 1500,
it happened a few days before I expected it

and I was beyond ecstatic
when I realized
what was about to happen.
This was a big deal
to me.
I spoke a bit about the reasons why

@ 1400.
It was a great Autumn night for a ride
and I had a lot of fun snapping some shots
for posterity
on my final mile.

In regard to the new bicycle by Public,
I received a very exciting preview of this bicycle
while I was in SF in August.

I was sworn to secrecy,
until now...
It was a real thrill to see the drawings
for the new bicycle
hanging on the wall
in the back of the store
and an even bigger thrill to be asked
my opinion.
I am really curious to try one of these out when I have a chance.
Right now part of me knows after talking
to Dan
that these bicycles are something
a bit above the average Dutch-Style imitations,
but part of me also wonders what one can really get
for $495.
However, a large part of me
is beyond excited

that a US Bicycle company

introduced a beautiful
Dutch-style bicycle

with a clever modern twist
into my market.
Granted, these bicycles are not the Pash,

but that is not the point.

I am curious to hear what you all think.
Anyone planning on a test ride?
Would you pay the affordable $495

or hold out for a true high quality Dutch-style bike?

Do you think you get what you pay for?

Or are you purely into aesthetics?

I spend a lot of time on my bicycles,
and I can tell you you get what you pay for,

but I am also very excited
about a beautiful
entry-level bicycle
that gets people out
I love my lycra,
but I also love riding in skirts,

and I am very excited
about a beautiful
well-designed bicycle
that gets people out


In fact,
I am excited about this contest

so I'm flying a little banner
up there
for y'all to get involved.

Have fun writing,

but don't work too hard

I will be winning the contest...