Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have been 40 for a week now.
I am slowly coming to grips with it.

Now it is time to get back to the


Living in Minnesota is a such a struggle for me.

It snowed today and my super crank came out,

unfortunately I am talking about me, not my bicycle.

But I do what I have done for four years,

I pick myself up,

I get on my bicycle,

and I get on with it.

Despite the fact I had started seriously riding

outside in early March last year,

and all I want to do is give up today,

I hopped on the trainer tonight.

Yeah, I should NOT have to be doing this still,

but the alternative is to gain even more winter weight,

no thanks.

I have actually really enjoyed riding the trainer this year.

It has been a rough winter weather-wise,

and it has been a rough winter life-wise.

Hopping on the trainer after work,

queuing up something that transports me away,

wearing about ten less layers of clothes,

sweating, sweating...

It is all so necessary,

and as life always is for me on my bicycle,

so very meditative and therapeutic.

But that is about the limit of my positivity!

winter - ENOUGH already!

Spring, let's get it on.

It is time to be

40 AND fabulous!