Sunday, January 16, 2011

Creative Bicycle Blogger Women: LC...

All the way from Manchester,
to lil' ol' Minneapolis...
Welcome LC!

LC has been a great supporter of my hyggelig,

stopping by often to sprinkle some of her positivity on this space.

We share an interest in many things, not least of all,

the Pashley Princess Sovereign.

When I posted about my sadness in giving up the Pash,
LC was there supporting me, making me feel less guilty about saying goodbye
and giving me hope knowing someone as happy and lucky as she is on her Pashley may benefit.

I love to follow her allotment adventures, her creative side, her experiences as an Italian in England, her travels, and of course, her everyday adventures on her bicycle.
LC began her time here, but now...

You can find LC at Naturally Cycling: Manchester

left: me and bike
right: crochet cycling wrist warmers


What is your preferred bicycle and why?

What is your preferred form of creative expression (i.e. knitting, printmaking, photography, sewing, knitting, etc.) and why?
I love my bikes - a Pashley Princess Sovereign and a Dawes Sterling tourer - but my heart certainly belongs to my Pashley. I began cycling daily about 18months ago, going to work, doing the shopping, meeting friends, exploring my city - Manchester. As an architect, I find that cycling and creativity go hand in hand. Cycling gives me thinking time, to clear my mind, mull over new ideas; not to mention that I have the best problem solving moments when I am on the saddle. A part from my work, at leisure I enjoy photography and crocheting, I couldn't say which I prefer best. I can't quite put my finger on what it is specifically but my new found love for cycling has been a great spur for wanting to learn new craft skills like crochet, mostly as a renewed link to memories of my grandmother, who is now very ill, as well as progress my love for photography further.

You are a woman who rides a bicycle who has a creative side. Tell us about that.
There has been great discussion throughout time of women being creative. I see our current time as one we have taken as our own when it comes to craft, creativity, and being a woman. Much different than say the time of our mothers. I feel the same about my bicycle and why I ride ~ not necessarily out of necessity, but a conscious decision. Do you ever think about this ~ what are your thoughts?
Cycling has given me a new perspective on things, on everyday things that before I may have missed. I like carrying my camera with me all the time and on my bike, if I see something that captures my attention, I can easily take a detour and investigate further. I love this freedom that my bikes give me. The direct contact that I have with the environment as well as my body: the direct action of propelling my bike through my legs, arms, lungs, have no doubt given me a heightened experience of what I am, and of what I can do and achieve. As a woman working in the construction industry, I am aware of the expectations as well as stereotypes that still are placed upon gender difference - women v men - and I found a new self belief through my bikes and my everyday cycling that have resonated within other aspects of my life, and my ability to be creative, to think outside the box have certainly thrived thanks to this.

I see a clear line for myself that links biking, crafting, creativity, and blogging. Do you see a connection between how you express yourself when being creative, being bikey and blogging?
Being able to blog about my cycling adventures has given me a focus to record and go back on my learning experiences and changes that have come about as well as getting to know other, inspiring women cycling/creative bloggers out there. I have learnt greatly by reading other women's blogs and being inspired to push myself even more, to try new things I used to dismiss in the past. I am grateful for this cycling blogging community, which shares so much knowledge and information with ease and selflessness.

Have you ever practiced your craft whilst riding your bicycle? :)
The only 'craft' I could say I have practiced while riding has been taking photographs and videos while in motion, a very exhilarating experience especially when at speed (but on quiet roads for safety!)

If you could not ride your bicycle or express yourself creatively, what would you do?
Now that cycling is part of my daily life I don't know what I would do if I could not cycle; my bikes, especially my Pashley, have become an extension of my body so if I were not to cycle I would feel like I was missing a limb ;) Creativity is part of who I am, from my work to my craft and hobbies, to cooking a meal for my dear ones, to baking to relax... without creativity I feel I would descend into a very dark place... better not even think about it!

My favorite quote from LC:
Cycling has given me a new perspective on things,

on everyday things that before I may have missed.

So true that is!

Thank you LC for gracing this space!

ride on...