Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creative Bicycle Blogger Women: Meli-g...

First up in the January Creative Bicycle Blogger Women guests posts is Meli-g.
Meli-G and I have been in the blogosphere together for a few years now,
she has been there cheering me on like a faithful friend
and sending me thoughtful notes, especially when I needed them most.
We share a love for the City (my hyggelig), creativity, good design and bicycles.
Endlessly inspiring, always positive, and in need of no introduction...
You can find Meli-G at Bikes and the City

left: foto of me riding by my friend Ade
right: me being artsy, by my friend Rio (donated poster for auction to the SFBC)


What is your preferred form of creative expression and why?
documenting what I see, peeps I see in photos sans editing. I have an eye for color, type and crop without the tools that I actually know so well, I almost refuse to use them for blogging them. I love paper, drawing and sending postal mail. Speaking Spanish.
and fashion. I love fashion and dressing up and colour and fashion.

What is your preferred bicycle and why?

Frenchie. My old-school-bad-ass steel blue mixte bike. I can ride while digesting, is that comfortable. Food, very important.

You are a woman who rides a bicycle who has a creative side. Tell us about that.

These brown eyes are out, hungry for culture, colour, beauty in the everyday and nature as interpreted by us the citizens who roam around. Pen and paper over smarthphones, any day. Seeing, smelling having your senses fully awake at 7am while riding a bicycle to work for me, there's no better way to start your day. OK, in addition to a big dose of caffeine and some neighborhood gossip.

There has been great discussion throughout time of women being creative. I see our current time as one we have taken as our own when it comes to craft, creativity, and being a woman. Much different than say the time of our mothers. I feel the same about my bicycle and why I ride ~ not necessarily out of necessity, but a conscious decision. Do you ever think about this ~ what are your thoughts?

My mom also grew up as a big-time city girl. It is the difference and gaps between generations, that make each decade so distinct yet so similar as we continue to have the same reasons and renegade rebellious attitudes to be independent and have our own accomplishments. I began riding because of a necessity, it wasn't to be cool or hip or fashionable. It would be the safest and most efficient way to go from my house, to work, to school, without being in an idling car, or a late bus stuck in traffic.

I see a clear line for myself that links biking, crafting, creativity, and blogging. Do you see a connection between how you express yourself when being creative, being bikey and blogging?
They are all connected. People read various blogs from various reasons. Coding, hacking, bikes, recipes – people blog for whatever reason. You find something you like and it has its own voice, and you become inspired/interested/emotional about something that catches your attention or keeps you coming back to a specific story, a specific place. It's like a good friend, being totally different, and yet agreeing in similar activities and ideas is what keeps you connected. The international connection and live-time publishing, is quite fantastic. For me, is the multiple countries and moving around that helps you understand situations better, understand the human condition. Also meeting new friends locally, has been awesome.

Have you ever practiced your craft whilst riding your bicycle?☺

Dodging doors every other block, everyday. or not eating sh*t on cable tracks for many years, is a craft of its own.
Bike scars are sexy though.

What most inspires you?

Early mornings and late nights.
Riding solo, riding in masses, riding with good friends. Women and their stories, their experiences to share, their energy and drama. My beautiful city, my beloved home state. 4inch high heels, old chucks. smiles, throwing a punch. kisses. coffee. bikes, and boys not so much, but they try.

If you could not ride your bicycle or express yourself creatively, what would you do? I don't think that is quite a realistic question. If it must be true, then probably have been reincarnated as a cat, which I'd probably be already blogged with some I CAN HAS NOMNOM across my face. Thanks for the q+a post Sig. Now off to ride mi bike! much love from califas, as always ♥xxo.meli

I personally love all of Meli-g's mural shots around The City.
This is one of my favorites.
I am pretty sure at some point they will all be compiled
and published in a book by Chronicle...

I had a dream last year that Meli-g, David Byrne, H, and I
were riding together in the Headlands.
It was a lovely, lovely dream, I hope some day to make it a reality...

Thanks Meli-g for sharing your time and thoughts here!
ride on and always be you...