Monday, November 29, 2010

seemingly random...

Sometimes happiness can be
taking a day to yourself
sewing a reversible apron

and making dinner for your man.

Why is this happiness?

Second to riding a bicycle,
sewing is a form of meditation for me.

I lose myself in it,

it relaxes me,

and I feel enormously fulfilled

when I complete something

out of seemingly nothing.
Sadly, cooking does not
give me the same enjoyment,


giving H a break from the kitchen
on occasion does.

And I do find it fulfilling
to make something tasty

out of seemingly random vegetables.

I miss my bicycle
in the winter.

But Minnesota
has taught me,
and allowed me,

to be so much more.
As I was meditating in my studio
over Thanksgiving Holiday

and mulling in some winter frustration,

I began to see how well my life has charted itself

these last few years.
Despite the challenges,

I think perhaps this journey,

that seems to be in frustratingly slow motion,

is leading me
to a better place.

Hard to believe
during a Minnesota winter,

but possible...

Some lovely thoughts here.