Thursday, December 2, 2010

old man...

I see this elderly gentleman
with great regularity

riding around the lakes

whether I'm on my bicycle

or on my feet.

He always impresses me.

He used to have a lovely old green bicycle,

probably a Raleigh or Schwinn,

that someone must have convinced him to rid himself of

and purchase this blue bicycle that is not as lovely.

What touches me
is how much he must love to ride his bicycle,

how much it must mean to him,

how active he is at his age,

and how dedicated he is.

I've wanted to snap an image of him for sometime,

but I'm usually exercising myself.

I thought this shot eluded me,

but there he is...coming on the scene.

Moments like this

tickle me...

and the title of this post?

this comes to mind.

24....ahhh sweet memories...