Monday, October 12, 2009

all good plans...

hey! it LOOKS like Summer!
only the shadow knows...

My Minnesota life
is all about

a plan.

We have affectionately

and not so affectionately

called this

time in the woods.

All my little plans
are part of our

Minnesota plan.

It's ALL about

being in the woods...
And finding
a mushroom,
or a tree,
or a bird swooshing by in the sky...

Umm...the pumkins grew hair overnight...

does anyone else find that weird?

So...along comes winter.

I still had my
Autumn plan!

I'm a Summer gal,
I've said it before.


I live where it is cold,

seemingly all the time.


What am I going to do?

Sit in the house and eat twinkies

for the
next eight months
while staring at pictures of the formerly

in shape me?



I need a plan,
and a plan

leading up

to the plan...

So I assessed my gear.

That's where the mittens came in...

Grabbed the Pash,
and decided to

test the waters ~
or freezing wind
and snow flakes,
as it were...
and headed to ye old fabric shoppe.

i like fabric...

This was a test ride for a
bigger plan I had...

And I became convinced.
The plan would be good,
just different than planned...