Sunday, August 23, 2009

Personal Best...

me at Lake Minnetonka (Wayzata side)

It has been a goal of H's for me all Summer to take me out on one of his rides.
It became a goal for me as well, but I was not fixated on it, I just thought it would be great if I could do it.

Well, I did it.

H rolling into town

Yesterday we rolled into the town of Wayzata, landed at the coffee shop where all the cyclists rest and refuel, and I promptly razed my bicycle above my head (sadly not captured on film...)

right after the ceremonial bicycle lifting over my head

When you work hard it is nice to push yourself and reward yourself. My longest rides to date had been around 35 miles, I knew I could do 50, but I was not sure how hard or painful it would be.
After a Summer of riding solo, it was so great to have some company.
And on the longest ride of my life, it was great to have someone as truly supportive as H along with me.

Luckily, it was an absolutely perfect day. Temps in the 70's, clear sky, and no wind (thank you!!!!). I had a fabulous ride out and felt the best I have felt all summer, I was a little nervous on the way home at how I would feel, but gladly I felt great. I had a few areas of discomfort rolling into town, but to be expected - luckily one of these was not my back, which it usually is. I turned to H on the way back into town and said that I never want to get rid of my Trek, it is absolutely hands down the best bicycle I have ever had and it fits like it was custom made for me. A 5o mile ride without a sore back would have been unthinkable to me before this bicycle came into my life.

I owe the experience, my sanity, and the bicycle thanks to H,

but I owe my success to me.

nice to be in the 'country' by the lake

I have worked hard all summer to get back into shape, to attain a new level of fitness, and to be as happy here as I can possibly be. These were all personal goals in the misdt of other transitional goals in my life and I am thankful for the time to accomplish many of my goals, to attain a new focus, and to work towards the next set of goals.

I go back to work tomorrow.

Yes, I did end up getting a job.

I have officially passed the torch o'bike-riding-fun onto Dottie and hope she gains as much from her time off as I have had.

Thank you for joining me on the journey.

It is really only the beginning...

And for all of you Dutch-bicyle fans,

sorry for all the lycra - but what can I say? I love it.
More Pash love to come...