Saturday, August 22, 2009

miraculous events...

a few miraculous events have occurred this week...
See that dirt there in the picture on the left that looks like it is the size of a road?

Well it used to BE a road! USED to...
See that pavement on the right there? That's a bicycle path.
Miraculously, the city of Minneapolis took out about 90% of the cross roads on one of the bicycle paths I frequent and replaced it with a 90% continuous bicycle path!
Why is that awesome?

1. Because the city is not about catering to cars.

2. Because there are 90% less of these annoying bumpy things:

on the bicycle trail
(yes that is a Bixi bicycle...more on that later...)

Second, thanks to H, I witnessed a cicada emerge from its shell right there on our fence yesterday. Pretty trippy stuff. Quite miraculous really...

Third, See that rain in the picture on the left? Well, it rained like that for 3 days straight this week and the temps were in the low 60's. I felt like I was in NorCal in December. Normally I wouldn't mind feeling like I am in CA, but the problem with it was, it is supposed to be August in Minnesota. What gives?
Miraculously, the Sun is out this morning and H and I plan to make my longest Trek (play on words there...) of the year.
If I make it, more on that later....

Off we go.

Have a great weekend everyone!