Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sun Summer Lover...

Change is in the air.
It was cool last night,

there is dew on the grass this morning,

the days are getting shorter,
and I feel like I am slowly sinking.
I love Summer you see.
I love Sun you see.
I love being warm you see.
I do not do well with the other three Seasons,
but I will try to focus on the positive...

With the change to the weather come changes to my fair city.
This is good.

Honestly, I rarely go downtown here. I felt more comfortable in SF than I do in downtown Minneapolis. Something about it just is not there for me. I am talking about the center core of downtown, I really like some of the peripheral areas (North Loop, the Mill District). One of the things 'not there' has been good bicycle lanes. Personally, I have hated the bicycle lanes in Downtown Minneapolis since I arrived here. They often do not make sense and seem dangerous to me. There are new changes a'rollin' in and I think they are an improvement. I may actually ride that way more often and I hope other people find themselves doing the same.

Check out this, this, and this.

And H is always looking out for me...
He told me about a new movie that of course I absolutely MUST see.

Again, I love this type of movie and the trailer hooked me in.

What a great Autumn find.

I hate being inside, I am outside as much as I possibly can be,
yup, Summer lover....

But here is another reason to love the cooling temps, and being indoors a bit more.

Oh yeah, and you will note some gorgeous shots of bicycling in the trailer...

Well, it has been a long week and I am struggling to figure out how to stay in this awesome shape I got in this summer with all of this change in the air.
After a rainy cool Friday, I am overjoyed that the sun is shining outside and I can feel the warmth.
Again...Sun, Summer, lover... What can I say?
I'm off for a Saturday ride...
Have a great weekend everyone!