Tuesday, September 29, 2009

unite 2...

Thanks to our gf meli-g
for the tip off again.

how cute is her logo?!!!

She tipped me off
last year and I had a great time.
So, if the planets align perhaps I'll have another go.

Check out the scoop direct from
Hello MSP Unite Bike Participants!!

This is the first official update/news for the photo event taking

place this Saturday October 3rd at 5:30pm here in the Twin Cities. We
will be announcing the final location tomorrow night!! Get excited.

There are a couple other bits of news we would like to share with you

about the event this year:

Firstly, there will be 2 special musical guests playing before and

after the photo. They are: The Roe Family Singers & Martin Devaney. We
are really excited they were interested in being apart of the mix this

We already have as many people signed-up for this years photo as we

did last year, BUT lets try to make it even bigger!!! PLEASE HELP US

Unite Bike!

Wish I could go to the other two events...

PS...is blogger driving anyone else crazy? My post looks one way when I type it, and all run together when I preview it, so I have to do new returns on all the paragraphs and sentence breaks. Sorry...just had to get that out...it's been driving me nuts!
But I refuse to switch to wordpress or typepad, I like to kick it ol' school blogger style...