Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pashurday (part two)...

Okay, that was a long side track,
I meant to post this right after part one...
Like I said, life happens.
Let's move on to part two shall we?

After my splendid rekindling of love
with Pash during my volunteer adventures
on Labor Day Weekend Saturday,
I came home sweaty, smiling, and wanting more.

I feel the sweaty part is just as important to discuss
as the smiling and wanting more part.
I wore shorts for my volunteer gig in the morning,
it worked out fine, but I did arrive to the gig a
tidge sweaty and it was noticeable in certain parts of my shorts.
I just accepted it and figured by the
time I got to the gig the sweat would evaporate
from the key parts of my clothing. Which it did.

So, when I came home all jazzed from my morning riding,
sweaty again, but smiling, I suggested to H we go out for dinner downtown
later that day.
I hadn't gotten enough of Pash for the day,
and I figured since I was sweaty already, I might as well
stay that way for a few more hours since if we rode downtown
it would happen all over again and be a waste of a shower.
It was odd that being sweaty wasn't really bothering me all that much.
I was having that much fun on the Pash.
BUT, I didn't want to arrive at another destination
with the sweat spot issue on my clothing.
So I changed outfits for the evening
for both the sweat issue and the going out issue.
One CAN wear a nice outfit on a bicycle,
look good,
and still be sweaty.
This is partly what I wanted to share.

The trick for me is to ride in skirts,
particularly forgiving skirts,
by that I mean in this instance I wore a very light fabric in black.
I know I was sweaty in unflattering areas when I arrived at our destination,
but because I had the black skirt and black shirt on,
there were not these visible areas of sweat brightly sticking out on my clothing.
Sweat really shouldn't be a big deal. It's like other functions the human body does; we all do it, so why be embarrassed. But, it is at times, so whatever - I want to minimize it.

I also should mention here that at times I actually love sweating,
I am not adverse to it,
but those are instances when I am in full lycra,
or practicing yoga,
and I am in a whole different mindset for a completely different type of activity.

Anyhow, it was such a fun ride to dinner,
so much fun to ride with my sweetie
on a warm summer evening,
and great to continue the Pash love into the evening.

Pash and I rode a total of around 20 miles
that Saturday.
I felt much better about Pash and I now.
I needed this day after my previous
I do not have the occasion to hang with her nearly enough,
but I am itching to go out again and explore together.
We have a few Autumnal ideas,
so until then...thanks Pash!

I'm off for one of those lycra rides...
Have a Great Weekend everyone!