Monday, February 2, 2009


When I was in college we had what was called "J-Term".
It was a
n opportunity for the entire month of January to take one single class that was new, different, and allowed you to break the routine. Something maybe you would not normally take during your regular class load. It was a time to unwind, treat yourself.

Well, I have discovered in a roundabout way that adulthood really does not need to be any different.
Maybe my Januarycation sessions are a bit further and farther between, but so far I have had two of the most Hyggelig memories of January one could have.
I have discussed previously my knitting, now I have been on to sewing.

I made a skirt!

I look forward to fine tuning my tailoring skills because I think it could fit me a bit better,
but I love it because I MADE IT!

A few notes for the future: On your first piece of sewn clothing, perhaps restrain yourself and do not buy the beautiful expensive Japanese fabric. Maybe go with something you still like, but a bit less expensive. That way if you find you want to make adjustments, or if it just did not turn out as you hoped, you do not have so much of your heart and money tied up in the fabric.

We learned to make a lining, sew an invisible zipper, hem, make minor alterations.

I loved the camaraderie in the class,
that everyone was excited for each other every step of the way,
we shared each others triumphs and frustrations,
and we all loved sewing because it was more than just sewing.
I am going to look for more ways to share in these upbeat, women boosting, empowering moments in 2009.