Thursday, October 2, 2008


Creative Week Installment 5
Well, it took me a bit longer to get to this posting, but here I am! Hoorah!
It is now that time of the year when I deeply mourn the loss of summer, but I also force myself to look forward and plan how to ward off the winter blues. What better way to use time wisely than to get creative?
My specific immediate plans are to:

finish the baby hat I started for my colleague who had her baby two weeks early

finish the scarf I started in January
(I think in some way not finishing it has been my way of not acknowledging that dirty word - winter).

if you are perceptive, and I believe you are...
you will note two bikes in this shot - lil' C by the pole, and a nice classic in the window.

take a sewing class, perhaps two, at my favorite local candy, I mean craft, store

improve upon the bicycle skirt prototype

rework the headband - it was a little too wide

And I look forward to doing a little reading too

On the local creative front... you've gotta love Minnesota and their romance with Scandinavia and the Arts.
Where else could you take these classes?
Norse Pram - Build Your Own
Making Moosehide & Canvas Mukluk
Thor's Velvet Hammer - An Introduction to Anticlastic Raising
Craft Your Own Coiled Bee Skep
Fundamentals of Yurt Construction
to name but a few...

Thank you for joining me on C
reative Week! It has been a nice escape in a crazy work life of late. I appreciate each and every comment and look forward to sharing more as our nights grow cooler and darker. Happy Creating!

PS I would be remiss if I did not mention these bicycle related items:
-Need a flashy carry-all to put your fall coat in on the ride home? Go here
-In Minneapolis and want to show some support for those bikers who sadly we have lost? Go here
-A nice problem to have on public transport eh? Go here
-Horribly tragic news, my heart goes