Sunday, May 4, 2008

A few words about safety...

Hubby and I were just discussing yesterday whether it was really that important to be wearing a bicycle helmet when one is going under 15 miles an hour (as I typically am even when I am peddling my legs off). Those European gals look so good without their helmets I say. Your head looks better in one piece he says. Well, in the end I have to agree with Hubby. I've been searching for two things lately so I can drive the car less:

1. A helmet for my motor scooter. I have owned a scooter for going on 8 years or so. It is a great form of transport in the summer, and though it uses gas and oil, it uses a heck of a lot less of it. The helmet I have has been around for going on, I can't believe it, maybe 15 years! Hubby got it for me when he owned his first motorcycle back in the day. Hubby also had an accident through no fault of his own, as well as other folks we know - so I wear a helmet. I tried scooter helmets, the open face helmets, etc. - but I just like the full face. No bugs in my teeth, my jaw in tact, it is sleeker looking. So, I bit the bullet and bought a good one. As we are FINALLY entering into Spring weather, I can't wait for it to arrive on Wednesday and get scooting.

2. A Dutch Style Bike. If you haven't noticed, I like these things. I would like to ride one without a helmet. BUT, I also know too may people who have been hit by cars through no fault of their own in this country whilst minding their own business on their bicycle, so I am a firm believer in a bicycle helmet. Come on, I see some of those Europeans wearing them too... I particularly like this helmet cover up - what an ingenious idea. I'm sure one's head looks huge with it on, but hey - kudos for winning style points!