Sunday, August 5, 2007

Good thoughts...

I tried to find a photo to post about the Bridge, but instead I am posting this one. Something to focus on the good and not the bad. A day canoeing on the Lakes.

Regarding the Bridge. My camera broke, but we plan to go take a look today - it is not about gawking it is about making it real. I got a glimpse from University the other night - the interstate is at about a 85 degree angle pointing towards the sky. We drove on the Bridge 24 hours before this happened - everyone drives on the Bridge, you can not get anywhere here easily without it. We live about 2 miles from the Bridge and were in our backyard waiting for friends on Wednesday night. We saw the sky go grey, we smelled something burning, we heard the sirens - we had no idea of the horror that had just occurred. We are saddened by those who were lost and those who are still missing - they are in our thoughts.