Sunday, July 29, 2007

Let's talk food...

Okay, I have to do this here because neither Yelp or City Search have Common Roots up on their sites yet...

Birchwood will always be my first love, and it has treated me well over the last year, but I have a new love...Common Roots Cafe. First let me say that this place ROCKS! I love the concept, I love the interior, I love the patio, and best of all, I love the food! Hubby and I stopped by for lunch on the patio yesterday, and I am so enamored, I want to go back today. The people who work here are nice and helpful and enthusiastic. The food...well it is top notch! THIS is the type of place we have been talking about wanting to open since we moved here. We just want good, local, organic food at reasonable prices in a casual atmosphere - and this place is spot on. We are tired of places trying to be something they are not - or restaurants over pricing for local and organic fair. Common Roots just gets it. The only draw back?'s too far from my house. I live in NorthEast and I hate to say it, but I have to drive to get here. Please, please, please, open one of these up by me. I would so love to have a Common Roots in my neighborhood. Just simply 100% perfect. Thank you!

As for the have served us well in our transition from San Francisco, but WHAT?!!!! are you doing? The new chef isn't very good and we've noticed that the portions have decreased, while the prices have increased. Please don't vier off the path - things were good, but they are quickly going oh so wrong. Take a couple of notes from Common Roots. We want to keep supporting you, but are currently at a loss as to why we would return for a $12 slice of zucchini.

And lastly, I was so excited about The Mill City Cafe, but you too Mill City have let your new chef change too much on the menu. The flavors are still good, but the Thai tofu was all tofu and nothing else. I love tofu, but not 3 big slices with a thin garnish of vegetables. Things were good and portions were good before the shake up and unfortunately - we are just not loving what we had hoped would become our new neighborhood haunt.

And a note about portions - we don't eat big ones, we don't advocate big ones, but we want to be full when we leave and feel like we got what we paid for. At Common Roots this was the case, but at Birchwood and Mill City, it is no longer so - come on you two! I want to still support you - I have so little in this town, but you need to get back on course.

Okay. I had to get that out. So....go, run in fact, as soon as possible and as frequently as possible to Common Roots - this place is a gem. And Common Roots, don't change a thing!