Saturday, March 10, 2007

Knitting Disasters

Disaster #1: I pulled the needles out of my Blue Sky hat. I made a mistake, I'm only human, and I knew as I was doing it I would never get those darn needles back in to those #2 size loops, but I did it any way. NEVER do this folks. 8 months of knitting my heart into this hat and I may have killed it. Ugh! So, I stopped, put it away, and had planned on stopping by Studio Knit when I was back in NorCal at the end of the month, but NOOOOOOO.....this brings me to Disaster #2...

Disaster #2: When Studio Knit opened down the street from my old apartment, it coincided with my interest in knitting starting to take shape. I loved this store - visually it was beautiful and comfortable and when I got stuck with a project they were there to help. I'm a little slow to figure it out - but unfortunately Studio Knit closed last month. I am saddened by the news of yet another independent small business closing its doors. I wish Meagan, Julie, and their Studio Knit crew the best in future endeavors. This store will always be a hyggelig spot for me.