Friday, February 2, 2007

Using my time wisely

This has been my project since before I moved. It started as a wedding present (I was going to do his and hers), but they got married in December, instead of next, my husband wants it (he has a slick smooth head and needs some help in this cold, cold climate). Anyhow, it is a lot of work. I got the pattern and the yarn from my favorite knitting store - Studio Knit; I miss being able to stop down for help, but I'm slowly making my way through and learning from my mistakes. I moved on to the dpns earlier than I probably needed to, but there is no going back now. Maybe by summer I will be finished. I already have my next project picked out - more about that later.

The hat interestingly enough is a pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas - a company from Minnesota (how weird is that? I had no idea when I picked it out I would be living here). Anyhow, the needles are SIZE 2!!!!! I deserve a fat needle project after this one. In case you are curious, the pattern is called "Whimsical Hats" - I'm doing the longest one, I suspect it will be at least 20" long in the end.