Wednesday, December 12, 2012

happy wintering...

has set in here in the North.
the arrival of over a foot of snow in 24 hours
tends to have the feel of instant tundra
and as a Minnesotan 
one fears 
this is it.
no breaks from winter for a very long time.
luckily, we had another phenomenal Autumn
and no early winter,
so at worst we are only looking at less than 3 months
of deep, dark, winter.
After 6 years 
it has become easier for me 
to wrap my head around 
and try to maintain a positive air.

It is easy to get sucked into negativity.
But for 6 years I have tried not to be dragged down.
That's a lot of what this space is about,
keeping my chin up,
meditating on the positive,
finding new ways to lift myself.

At spin class last night (more on that later),
two women were talking:
"yeah, I'm from Seattle."
"WHAT are you doing here?!!"
"Because my husband is from here,
I hate the cold"
"I know, me too."
I could feel that emotion of
'i'm not from here, i don't really want to be here, i'm not staying'.
I still have that emotion,
and mostly 
that is okay.
one can't let it take over their life
and keep hoping for 
It is SO important
to live in
Even if today is
very cold
very snowy
very dark.

I remember when I just landed here
fresh of the California coast.
I used to get these questions,
"You moved here from California?"
No one asks me anymore "why".
California is now a long time ago.
And I have put that
into realistic perspective.
Now I am just part of the scene.
I'm sort of...
a local.
And you know what?
That's okay.
I've settled into my reality,
I've worked hard at finding my happiness here.
And I've actually started to embrace my winter time
to explore and grow.

H and I have been doing some talking,
in our early 40s its time to be better adults.
First step....that little adopted bundle on the left of the picture at top.
Big boy is enjoying his new little sister.
Bring positivity into your life,
and it will reward you.

Happy Wintering!...