Saturday, February 25, 2012

happy day little one...

It's a special Someone's 2nd Birthday today!
Happy Birthday little one!!!

one of the main drivers in my quest to celebrate my 40th
was to learn more about Photoshop.
At Alt I did a Saturday workshop with these folks
and learned that I actually taught myself quite a bit,
and that Photoshop Elements is actually almost as good as Photoshop now.
I also learned that Photoshop Elements is up to #10 and I still had the cumbersome and slow #4.
I promptly came home and ordered myself up Elements 10.
Obviously I have been having fun with it ever since.

I guess I am starting to cross the line of dog mom freaky lady,
I made this image for the treats I am brining for everyone at
doggy day care today.
Yes...doggy day care.
It makes all of us happy,
and that
is what is important.

You are 85 pounds of pure energy and nuttiness,
but we love you more than we can say!