Monday, February 20, 2012

alt ~ special

Alt Summit has this way of making a gal feel special.
From the moment I exited the doors of the airport, 
got in an Alt provided vehicle (thank you!!),
entered my hotel and walked into my room,
and then went downstairs and got my box of goodies at registration,
I felt special.

Some bits of advice on Alt Lodging:
1.  Alt gives wise advice, when I was considering going, just considering...they advised to book a room at The Grand.  Do that!  There was another huge conference going on in SLC, plus Sundance Film Festival, at the same time ~ rooms book fast.  It's worth the splurge of staying on-site and being able to slip up to your room for a break or to change.
2.  Ask for a room on the East side - my 6th floor view provided a respite each time I walked in with a lovely view of the Mountains and Courtyard.  THIS is why I was in Utah - a decadent room for my birthday and a view of the Mountains.  I deserved it.
3.  The food at the Grand is really good.  I lived in San Francisco, I don't throw those terms around lightly.  Don't worry about where you will eat, you are well taken care of here.
Being special doesn't just stop at check-in and registration, it goes through all of Alt.  
BUT, you have to take it upon yourself to take advantage of it.
Remember, I was alone.

I could have easily skipped out on the first night 'dinner with', but then I would have missed out on meeting all of the great women who came to dinner, and the gals from Pinhole Press, AND getting a surprise birthday dessert. That's right, remember when I said everyone introduces themselves and tells their story of why they are there?  Well, I told my story at dinner and unbeknownst to me, the fine ladies of Pinhole Press thought I should celebrate in style with a special birthday desert.  THIS is VERY Alt.

I could have easily skipped out on the Winter Wonderland party, but I went, stayed, and chatted with people.  It wasn't the easiest night for me, a lot of people came together, but I made myself stay and stay longer than I wanted to, because I wanted to force myself to interact, to participate, and to have fun.  I worked freakin' hard on finding an all-white outfit, I wasn't going to stay for just five minutes!

I could have easily skipped the Friday Night Mini Parties, but then I would have missed out on some fun activities, fun people, and good freebies.  Other people were having fun in the photo booths with their friends, but being that I was alone I decided what the heck, I'll do it by myself.  I did run into a couple of nice women I had sat by at Friday's keynote luncheon and we decided to get our pictures taken in the Method photo booth.  Because I stayed, I have fond memories.
These experiences all required me to go out of my comfort zone, but I am glad I did them.
I have some extra special memories of Alt 
and am proud of myself for putting myself out there.
I can always sit in a room and watch tv, but I can't always partake in the magic that is Alt.
Getting in to the spirit, and putting on all white, or sequins, or making a fun necklace,
makes it even more fun,
even as one.

To conclude,
Alt was very good for me.
I had a good time,
because I made it a good time.
Not every moment was magical,
but many moments were special.
Sometimes when you hit a milestone in life,
you need to mark it.
I did,
with and exclamation point!
And now on to 41...