Friday, December 9, 2011

still thinking...

I can feel it,
I am starting to wind down

for my January Hiatus...
But I might have one more
in me
before then.

I will consider this the start.

Night Shot: Me and Lexa To and Fro

This Autumn I found myself riding Lexa

to a number of bikish meetings.

We had a lot of fun together,

Even in the cool and darkness.

What I determined

Is that I do not like the

Po Campo Pilsen
solution I have been trying.

It's a great bag,

but not for going to and fro from meetings

with the stuff I need to haul.

I found my items overflowing into a second bag to carry,

and eventually a backpack, which I am not a fan of.

The one thing that really sets me over the edge,

is that I carry two locks.

I just do.

And so,
as one who is always looking
for the perfect solution,
I began to think....

and think....

and think...

still thinking...