Thursday, September 22, 2011

last days of 'freedom'...

This is from a zen ride I had a couple of weeks ago.
I am hoping to have more of the same this weekend,

but suspect there will be more color in my field of vision.

Monday brings a new routine for this family,

H returns to the world of the employed.

And not only that, he returns to the world of

cubicles, copy machine chatter, and parking spaces,

he has worked from home for nearly a decade.

This is a big deal,
for all of us,
and it is time.

It has been a long ten months.
I lightened up on the bicycling this summer
and focused on our family,

but my 40 year old waist doesn't like it.

Time to hit the bicycle riding hard for the next few weeks

before winter sets in.

Though my cycle computer has logged 755 miles this year,

that's half where I have been the last couple of years.

More exactly,
it's been a hell of a long 5 years.
Minneapolis has at times brought me to my knees.

I have just never recovered from losing NorCal,
This annoys me to no end.
But it is Time to really move on...
To continue the work I have been doing on myself,
reflected in this space,
and for US to advance ourselves and do better.

It is not about letting go,
it is about releasing.
It Is Time.

We are excited for what the future brings, finally.

This fall is feeling like a rebirth.

A time to focus.

A time to nest.

A time to get fit.

A time to plan.

It feels good to turn down a new road,

and begin again...

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

At least it is for me.

H and I are celebrating his last days of 'freedom',

and our wedding anniversary,

by simply being together.

Enjoy those Autumn Colors and

the delicate and warm Autumn Sun!