Saturday, April 2, 2011


perhaps winter is at last waning.
as I administer what is hopefully my last tablespoon of nyquil

my thoughts turn towards other shades of green.

last summer as we strolled through neighborhoods, gardens and parks

I created a visual diary of plants
that seemed to be thriving,
that were unique, and added visual layers.
It is nearing the time when we can
re-enter the outside world,

walk barefoot in the grass,
enhance our little hus.

it has been winter for far too long,

and much of our life has been on hold.

today we begin to emerge,

stretching after a long winter's sleep.

I begin to come alive,

my heart races with excitement

for returning to the outdoor world.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I almost can feel the bicycle beneath me

the wind in my hair

the SUN on my face...