Saturday, October 2, 2010

quiet time...

Once I got over my cold fingers
the chill blowing through my top
and the wind numbing my ears,

it was a lovely morning for a ride!
These Autumn days are so beautiful,

I relish my quiet time on my wheels
before time slips away
and the long feared winter arrives.

Heading into the home stretch,
I exited the Greenway

and stumbled upon

what I initially thought

was an event for young kids.

I soon realized that the road was closed to cars
in preparation for the big marathon tomorrow.

This was an awesome find to me,

that apparently everyone in Seward

must make an annual event!

No formal event for kids,

just people out relishing the closure of a road!

If you have a chance, get out there today and enjoy.

I wish they did this every Saturday ~ how cool would that be?

And for those of you in Minneapolis

who are looking for something else bikey to do,

Unite Bike is tomorrow @ Loring Park.

Happy Autumn Saturday everyone!