Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am part...

I do not commute by bicycle
but I often bicycle during the commute.
I still feel the satisfaction of knowing I am up here
and not down there.

I love being out in my environment
when life is a-buzz with activity.
I see hip cylists stylin'
on their way home from work,

so glad they are out there.

I talk to construction workers

about what they are doing on my route
they are nice to me.

I ask the police officer why my road is closed

and he nicely tells me not to go straight

because yes,

I would be cycling by another chemical spill.

I look to my right
and see a whole new world

going up on my corner

and I want to learn more.

I see what is new,

I breathe the air,

I listen to what is around me.

I am part of my surroundings,
I become part of my community,

and my day is complete.