Sunday, August 29, 2010

sweet elixir...

When I opened up the shoji screens
upon arriving at the hotel

it was like opening up a giant Christmas present.

I can not fully describe the feeling,

but I excitedly gasped and sighed simultaneously.

Like seeing an old love who stops me dead in my tracks,
I want the relationship back,
but I know our time has passed.

San Francisco for me is a deliciously sweet elixir,

it is an addiction I had to pull myself away from
with tears streaming from my eyes,
I wanted more,
but I knew it had to end.

When I get a drop,

I always want more.

Returning to my hyggelig is always bittersweet.

I go to recenter myself

to fill up my tank

to have time to think

to live

to reflect
to be inspired.

I become sad that I am no longer there,

but am acutely aware I will likely never return.

And so as I enter my fifth year in Minneapolis,
I continue to enter each day
thankful for my past
hopeful for my future
knowing my present is here now
home is where my boys are
and my hyggelig is only a flight away.

I am not who I was
I am not who I will be
I am who I am now
the sum of my experiences
the hope of my future
living in the moment
thankful for each day.