Monday, August 30, 2010

soaking up style...

iconic Japantown

Japanese sewing books!

I have had this desire to travel back to Japan
ever since my wonderful experience

at the
Nagoya airport.
Well, as luck would have it,

I stayed in Japantown this time.

I had been here before, but not spent much time,

so it was nice to have a few free moments to look around.

For quite some time I had wanted to go to
Kinokuniya Bookstore
thanks to this post by Victoria

and seeing countless Japanese sewing books on other blogs.

I just LOVE the aesthetic of almost anything Japanese.

coolest magazine ever!

My favorite thing?
Japanese women's bicycle magazine Mint of course!
I would have scooped it up had it not been over $20,

but I had a lovely time soaking up the style and enjoying

the fun layouts inside.

There were also quite a few other bicycling magazines

to peruse - so much fun!!!

Some day I will make it to Japan again,

but for now this mini trip
worked wonders on my empty tank
filling me up with countless inspirations.