Sunday, July 18, 2010

i don't mean to, but...

foiled again, let me up my hill darn it!

I don't mean to complain but...
The last few weeks have been rather frustrating

in my bicycle world.

First, every road in this town was virtually destroyed
this winter and riding here is like a test of endurance.
Some days I swear my poor little bicycle
is just going to shatter in a million pieces
along with my heart.

Pot holes as far as the eye can see at times,

gaps, bumps,
and most frustrating of all,

road closures.

My world already shrank
And then it shrank again.
I can not say that I always love the hill,
but I can say I need the
it's part of my ride,

it kicks my rear,
it makes my thighs look better,
and it is prettier,

less trafficked,
and more sensible

than my current detour.

That said, I am trying to remain calm
because it is all for a good cause.

see you soon I hope
and better than ever!