Monday, May 31, 2010


The only sport I'm into is cycling,
but I found it fitting to share

a space that promotes that

all-American of sports...

on an all-American of Day's.

A month and a half ago

these signs went up

on my one link to a large loop

I ride on my bicycle.

The bridge is closed all summer.

I felt then,

and I still do,

like one of my lifelines has been cut off.

But I have tried to embrace the change

and have had the opportunity to explore new routes.

I've found a new loop which is better than it was,

but still not great.

Regardless, it got me to the new Twins stadium

and about as close to baseball as I am going to get.

Twice on these rides I've conversed with folks

I likely would not have,

and seen some new sights.

My first attempt of this new loop connection

was not great,

but yesterday I had better success.

It's still not perfect, but I got where I needed to go.

And just when I weaved my way through the Stadium link,

down what is marked as a bike lane, but is really a bunch

of patched pot holes so I had to ride out of the bike lane,

and down to the river,

feeling like maybe, just maybe this route might work

for this year until my bridge is back in business,

The journey ends where it began...

Oh well,

here's to trying...

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

We had a little reflection and honoring of our own today.

Take time to pause and give thanks.