Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday morning necessities... and bikes...

There are two things I need on a Saturday morning,


I had to be creative about one today.
I could curse the rain,
but why?
I had a new lovely experience.

Angry Catfish...nice...

Let's talk Angry Catfish...
See, awhile ago I heard about this pretty cool bike cafe concept,
I started thinking ~ wouldn't that be neat to do someday?
Then, luckily (for now...) Josh beat us to it.
When I realized there was going to be a pretty cool bike cafe
in my city, I was anxious to check it out,
but I work, and I bike, and I work, and I bike...
enter Art Crank.
I run into Josh.
What the?!!! he OWNS the place?
You may recall Josh,
he was the master of my fit kit
and set me up for a season of 1500 beautiful miles
on the Trek.

rockin' GF 1974 klunker...interior AC shot

so pretty, so favorite bakery is next door

Anyhow, after Josh handed me his business card, I knew Angry Catfish
was most definitely in my future.
Enter today and a rainy morning.
If you can't ride, what better thing to do than caffeinate while looking at bikes?

Josh & H talking about what else? Bikes...

We chatted with Josh this morning,
he's got a GREAT space, and he did it all himself.
Great aesthetic,
nice looking eye candy,
delicious and well presented coffee,
and an all around lovely place.
I'm really glad Josh opened his own place
and I wish him all the best.
Bike, Walk, or Run...however you get there
this place is a local gem.