Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hello out there...

Picture from here

TV is good for something...

Lucky for me, tv is on my computer...

I do not recommend it often,
but I highly recommend
Craft in America
It is beautifully done,

it has made me think of things

I haven't thought about in years,
and in some ways justifies
the path I have woven in and out of.

right on brother!

I found the Community episode
particularly touching and engaging.

Part of
being here now
is about
I am social,
but more of an independent sort,

however I believe in community,
and what these people had to say
touched me.

Blogging for me was an entry
into community
when I felt challenged.

I am more of an independent sort,
but I am trying...

ps - pbs is one thing on tv worth paying for