Thursday, September 17, 2009

end or beginning?..

It was H's birthday yesterday.
The last of the 30's...

We are not big into frivolous gifts,

but some thoughtful surprise gifts
are always fun.
H took me to a Green Day concert
back in our Denver days.
We were in our late 20's and we were still older than 90% of the crowd,
but so what - these boys ROCKED it!
And they are from the Bay,

so what can I say ~
we have a soft spot.

And, the gift of hopes and dreams
can always be fun for a few hour

On a bicycle note...
Those days out there are sure getting shorter!

I tried to tuck in an hour ride last night
and had the lights on half-way through!

Ahhh....but it was beautiful.

And riding all summer
is making me
feel like a buff rock star.
I'm loving the p
Yes, sir, that is a girl on your wheel,
are you going to pedal or do I need to
smoke you right here right now?!
I think I will smoke you...

For those of you in Minneapolis this weekend.
Nice Ride will be at the Minneapolis Bike Tour.