Saturday, July 4, 2009

the thing to do...

riding "the bike" across the Stone Arch Bridge

What better way to celebrate
the 4th of July,

Independence Day,

the Nation's Birthday,

Than to get out and Volunteer?!!

I mentioned earlier this week

that my new volunteer gig is bicycle related...

the Nice Ride booth

Well, I spent my morning at a lovely farmer's market,
promoting a bike sharing program.

Yup, Minneapolis is getting a bicycle share program!

"Just like
many people gushed this morning.
I met someone who actually lives in Paris and uses the Vélib’
all of the time,
he said he loves it.
I also met a lot of well traveled folks who have used bicycle share programs
in other European cities. They all loved their experiences.
Everyone I talked to was excited to see a bicycle share program
coming to Minneapolis. Warm fu

'the bike' loaded up upon arrival

I had the privilege of housing one of the bicycles

being considere
d for the program for the last 2 weeks
and rode her down
to the market this morning
with our banner,
a bag of materials,
and my raincoat in the 'basket',

wearing a skirt.

A no sweat,


silent 4th of July morning,


What a great way to spend my 4th.
The more I get to know the people of my city,
the more I like my city.

Happy 4th Everyone!