Tuesday, July 28, 2009

night bright...

On my previous crafty night ride

I had some technical difficulties

and was unable to assess
the front light

on the Pash.

But tonight,
all was bright.

Luckily it's still Summer

and it was dusk at 9 pm

when I headed home,

but the lights still needed to be on.

My assessment:

-The front light is bright

-I love how the light flickers

-The light is very visible
even with the basket over it
-Since it was dusk, I did not get a great read on how well my path was lit up,
but it seemed to work good for visibility (mine and other folks)
-I liked how I could see my light reflect in the stop signs
-The only thing I don't like is that the light only works when the front tire is moving.
Not a big deal really,
but depends who you are. If I was in an area with more traffic, I would want to be sure to be seen whether I was moving or not. So I might attach another light in those instances
-The back light is bright

On my crafty summer night rides

the distance I travel is minimal

and I wind through my neighborhood

on less-traveled side streets

pretending I'm not in the city

but in a small little hamlet

with the sea nearby,

my Swedish home in the distance

and my boys
waiting up by the fire.